How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Just back from a loveky week with Amanda. Not quite a week, but close. Fun fun had by all. Can't say it was perfect, we weren't clicking the entire way through, but today was really fun, so we ended on a good note. Lots of neet discoveries, like meeting Dippy (Andrea's kitten Serendipity) as well as played my first game of Nuclear Escalation.

"May I have change for 25,000,000 people?"

Interesting thoughts I noticed in my game play... I had only one way to stop a nuke, and one was coming in to kill 5,000.,000.. I compared that with my total and declared that an acceptable loss...

On a side note... I'm watching a documentary on Neandertahls... and the CroMagnon...

One is extremely well adapted to its world. It can survive amazingly harsh conditions, and are built to take punishment. The other is frail in comparison, however, perhaps in part of thier biological weakness, they are capable of using an equivalently sized brain to think in different ways. They need a warmer climate, to be sure, but they have newer, better tools. As the ice age recedes, so do the neanderthal, simply because the cromagnon can think in ways they can't.

This "evolutionary leap" is intriguing, and bears an interesting reference to our current world. For example, we have the Otaku. I'm not talking about the anime watching, magic card playing American geek elite, I'm talking about the true Japanese otaku. These individuals do not interact with people in person willingly. Their sole source of interaction is thier computer. Their soul purpose seems to be the exchange of information. They collect data on specific topics, and trade it with other Otaku. They live in a world different from our own.

We have the self proclaimed mages/pagans in our world, claiming to see things in a magickal way- an existance different from our own. Are these individuals simply speciating out?

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