How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

The fun one can have...

with the Saddam doll.

I'll let the stupidity speak for itself.

Speaking of stupidity, I got the latest version of Trillian and the Trillperl plugin for it, and have once again begun scripting my IMs. I've implemented a few commands as of yet, look up my AIM name in my profile and give some a shot...

!insult - recieve a scathing insult from me.
!newinsult insulttext - add an insult to the list.
!fortune - recieve a druid sticks reading.
!help - find out the most recent command list.

The real prize though is something that needs to be secured- !perl commands allows you to execute perl statements from the IM window. Note, none of you can do that; its locked to my screenames for obvious security reasons.

(like !perl system("format", "c:"), which would make me very unhappy)

The most amazing thing about Trillperl? It supports threading. I'm going to experiment with using that and bidirectional pipes to create the capacity to enter a shell from the IM window. Way powerful, way cool. My only concern is that it'll read bash's STDOUT, but not the STDOUT of the programs you launch from bash. We'll have to experiment, won't we.

Meanwhile, there's trouble waiting to happen.

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