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How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Kunich's Platform

His platform, and my response.

  • Universal Health Care: Is on everyone's platform one way or another. The silver foxes never miss a chance to vote, and they want health care. You want their vote, you give it to them. It's spreading- middle aged parents want it too. I doubt Kunich will be the man to give it to us, at least any time in the next ten years.

  • Full SS at 65: I'd like to point out that the social security system is failing. Changing when the benefits are disbursed isn't going to help anyone until the system is revamped.

  • No more NAFTA & WTO: Woohoo! It's iffy as to wether or not it'll happen, but its a good goal, and an important one.

  • No more patriot act: Damn skippy. That's perfectly feasible with a regime change.

  • Right-to-choose, privacy, civil rights: Typical democratic stuff. Some of these are likely to get implemented in a lesser degree than stated, and for the most part, I'll tenatively support.

  • Balance between workers and corps: More or less political suicide. Capital improvements versus trickle-down? Won't fly during an election unless you can work in some heavy tax cuts for the middle and lower class.

  • Free college: Never happen. The only possible way is either a Fedral College System, which would be a nightmare of government garbage, or better federal subsidy of state universities. No one'll ever see a free ride outside of that.

  • Fix bush-fuck-ups: Good plan, and feasible. No draw backs or difficulties there.

  • Family farms: Considering the Midwest is turning into a ghost town, this is a needed effort. Also, I hate agribusiness, so I'm all for it. Again though, these anti-corporate stances are tough to force through in an election, and there's not enough people in the midwest to carry him on this plank, and not many other people care.

  • Environment: A new president can make a start on this. Bush won't, that much is clear. I'm not jazzed about the terms of the Kyoto treaty, but it's something. Unlike the current administration's Edisonian approach to fossil fuels, we need a strategy that works. Again though, this one is anti-corporate, and only the weed-eating-hummus loves care.

  • So, do I support his platform? Overall, yes. I think several planks are bullshit, or poorly considered, but he's an improvement over Bush. Do I think this platform is strong enough for him to be the democratic canidate? No. I think that, unless Bush does something exceedingly stupid in the next year, Kunich will get slaughtered by Bushies corporate ties. Anyone who's going to oust Bush needs to be more middle of the road. Gay rights is a good token issue, and alternative energy has to be in there, just to differentiate from Bush. There has to be a plank for rebuilding our broken international ties.

    And I think, what I'll spend some time doing is coming up with the idea Anti-Bush platform. A stance to get Bush out without selling out.

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