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Fun with Photoshop: Buy Norelco
Greg Palast captures Sadaam Hussein

I would like to point out that the slavering dictator with fangs that massacres large populations at a shot is dead. All those tales of cunning and wanrings of the threat the man posed... when I look at the pictures, all I see is a tired, sad man, who has been hiding in a hole in the ground. This isn't really a victory for anyone, just a weak denumont.

Perhaps I'm wrong though... the stock market went up when he was captured. Apparently he's good for spending.

Personally, I see the captured Sadaam and say, "This? We comitted all these troops, all those dead americans for this?" I shake my head, and say, "Pathetic. Turn him over to an international tribunal and lets be done with this." But no, I doubt that will happen. He'll be paraded around, tried by the US, sentanced to vanish in a hole someplace. Maybe be buried in a hole permanently.

In the end, looking at him now proves what a worthless endeavor this was.

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