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Rooster and Crunch...

I had an idea for a punk-rock movie. So I started a rough treatment of the idea. I've gotten the intro done.
Joey "Crunch"
Zack "Rooster"
	Our punk rock twins. These guys are the quintessential punk rockers, hawks and chains and leather and denim. Camo too. They're too young to remember when punk was social activism, but they know it was. They long for that period to come back, and tend to point out that, "It's not a fashion statement asshat."

	Dave is the poser punk. He has a Blink-182 collection and some posters. For him, it _is_ a fashion statement, and when he goes to work in the morning, he puts on a suit and takes out the piercings and covers the tattoos.

	Lisa's going to Harvard. She's a year or two younger than Crunch and Rooster, and just on the verge of graduation. She dates on the football team. She's gorgeous, and sends Crunch for a loop.

	Rick's the youngest involved. He's fourteen. First year in high school. He's confused, and doesn't really do well with the demands his parents place him. He knows the world's a fucked up place, and wants to make things better. His parents want him to keep his head down.

The Purleys
	The Purleys run the local grocer. Their parents ran it, and their parents before them. It buys from local farmers and dairies. People loiter and trade gossip. The Purleys themselves are septegenarians, and not very amused by people like Rooster and Crunch entering their community.

The Old Folks
	The town is full of old people. These people spend alot of time cold shouldering Rooster and Crunch, giving them the hairy eyeball, etc. They start crying out about decency and standards.

The Treatment..
	2/15/03 Our story starts with a crowd of punks and hippies loading a car. Lots of placards, some drugs, and general protest gear. Masks, vaseline in case of tear gas, etc. They're on their way to the February 15th protests. Rooster and Crunch are among the group. As they run in and out of the house, preparing for the trip, Dave can be seen, getting annoyed. He's trying to get ready for work, and the house is in chaos. He mentions needing to get paid back for rent. In all seven people cram into a four person compact.
	Halfway to New York City, the punk-car breaks down. Crunch gets very upset, saying, "Fuck man, how are we supposed to be saving the world if we can't fucking get there?" Long montage of attempts to fix the car, of the day passing. It's late when they finally fix the car, and they head back upstate (to Albany). They arrive very late. The driver drops Rooster and Crunch off at the place they share with Dave. They drive off.
	Rooster and Crunch find the apartment locked. Neither has a key, so they knock. Dave answers; there is a professional looking girl sitting on the couch. Dave makes it clear that he has a guest, and since they haven't been paying rent, it's his place. They can come back tomorrow for their stuff.
	Rooster and Crunch end up camping out on a park bench, only to get rudely awoken by the police. They're given a rough than usual push along, which gets increasingly violent.
	The next day, they go back to the apartment as the girl is leaving, and Dave is getting ready for work. He tells them that they can stay if at least one of them gets a job. When they ask where, he tells them to go to the mall. They hop a bus and decide to give it a shot.
	This leads into a montage of turn downs, and it's clear that it's because of their wild appearance. Even "Punk-in-a-box" (ie. Hot Topic) decides they're too wild for employment there. Eventually, they're kicked out of the mall because one of them is wearing a "Fuck the War" patch.
	As they ride the bus back to Dave's apartment, they discuss what they're going to do. Crunch mentions that he has an aunt that has a place. It's in East-Bumfuck, but she'll rent it to them cheap, and probably won't care if it's late. They arrive at Dave's place and call her. She's fine with it; she just kicked out her last tenants, and doesn't have any prospects. By the end of the day, Rooster and Crunch are living in Galway.

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