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Site Update

Updated the Lapine Cerebral Cogitations site. Fixed up alot of tiny glitches, and uploaded a new tool that's handy, but needs some revision before it's ready for primetime. HTMLAppender, which is on my software page. When that's actually ready, it's going to make site revisions a snap. Especially when I add a find/replace with the "Last Updated"... soon, there won't be any need to actually open the HTML file at all. I look forward to that.

Anywho... enjoy. There's also items on my art page now, but nothing you haven't seen. Overall though, I'm pretty happy with the look of my site.

Oh, and that background image was inspired by the image for the component style on LJ, but it is my own version. Still, there's not alot of flexibility in such small levels of pixels.

[edit: Doh! Just noticed that the newspost that was supposed to be locked to the top isn't. My bad.]

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