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worldchanging I strongly reccomend. The name says it all- things that'll change the world. Sustainable tech, the second superpower (the second superpower is people like this).

Meanwhile, there's another app up, on Lapine Cerebral Cogitations, and it has slightly more interest to people than the comicizer. Ever had a gazillion photos numbered x1.jpg, x2.jpg... x100.jpg, and when you viewed them they were sorted like this? x1.jpg, x100.jpg, x101.jpg? Annoyed?

All this app does is tack extra zeros onto the number to pad the digits. x001.jpg, x002.jpg, etc. That way they sort in order. It's not just for images, any files that you load sequentially can benefit from this. Only caveat (which I have to remember to add to the site) is that there can be no other numbers in the filename other than the last group of digits before the extension. I didn't feel like hacking out a regex that complex for a program that's... that useless. I mean, you use it once every few months at most. But hey, it beats renaming files. If people harass me about it, I'll update it to support the more complex regex.

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