How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Amatuer Critic Reviews Haggard and "Everwood"

Sometimes I feel like the only person that properly marks titles, italics for movies, books, quotes for TV series, comic book series (but italics for graphic novels).

Anyway, imagine this. You have this horrible experience with a girlfriend. She fucks a guy right in your driveway comes in and cuddles with you. You go kinda crazy and get friends to spy on her, and do many stupid looser things. What do you do after you shake it off? You make a movie out of it! That's essentially what Haggard is. I almost would call it a punk rock movie, because it's that crazy and random, but there's barely any punk on the soundtrack. But it is a skater movie... from the skateboard chase scene to the random skateboarding montages for no real reason other than they're cool to watch. It's random, silly, but feels very much like real life. Just more weird. And no, the fucking in the driveway isn't there, but you find out about that in the behind the scenes.

Rating: Movie price, tub of popcorn.

Caveats: Some scenes are really wrong. Really really wrong. And the behind the scenes on the DVD is more an extension of the movie than a behind the scenes.

Now, what about "Everwood"? This is a WB light family drama. Sounds bad, right? But it's not. It's got enough sarcasm to it that it manages to be sweet without sacharrin. Cute, but not insipid. That, and its got a cute motorcycle riding little old lady who's an ex-army nurse. She kicks ass. There are points where you roll your eyes and go "Hmmm... angst", but it's still entirely worth it. Strong TV reccomendation.

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