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Stuffage and the Matrix : Revolutions

I am getting behind in NaNoWriMo. I haven't written a word since Friday. Saturday and Sunday I didn't feel like it, Monday too. I won't be writing today either, because I'm babysitting Noah for my dear Elizabeth. He's off from school today apparently, and no one else could take him. James and I are plotting to facilitate his mischief making.

Meanwhile, Matrix:Revolutions... let me start by cursing, and spitting, and frowning, and saying: "What drek!" Then, let me recover composure. It's not a bad movie... but it's a terrible letdown. The entire movie is one long anti-climax that seems to fail in capitalizing on the cool stuff that was set up at the end of the second one. It's frustrating, because there were so many cool ideas, and there were no ideas in the third movie.

Mind you, it started off well. It started off with the same mythological themes that carry the series. Trinty, Morpheus and Serif must go to see the Merovingian (ie. Hades) to retrieve Neo from a portion of the Matrix that is his domain (the Underworld). Nice stuff, nice scene in the fetish club, neat expansion on the universe in what the specific nature of that portion of the underworld is. Essentially, Neo is stranded on the banks of the Styx, and kept there at the whim of the TrainMan (Boatman) who works for the Merovingian.

They get Neo out, and from there, it's all downhill as the movie goes. From there on, it's BigBattle-to-Save-Zion, which is far too long and not needed. We know it's hopeless, showing us the screaming-battle-faces of a dozen different soliders isn't needed. It's bad when the big dramatic battle makes you yawn. What makes it even worse, is in the last movie, they did a good job of giving the general citizenry of Zion a character... you had a feel for the place. In this one, they apparently decided that you've got a feel for the characters and they don't need to develop any of them. And see, that's the real problem. None of the character's we've come to know are in it- Morpheus is a bit part, even Neo doesn't have alot of screen time.

And I'll have more complete and intelligent critiques when i'm not busy playing transformers with a six year old.

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