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Let me preface this by saying something. I don't actually like to write. I know, I do it alot, as those of you that follow On Anarchy may notice. I like being creative. I like experimenting and coming up with ideas. Alot of those ideas are stories, and there's a handful of ways to tell stories that can be done without interesting equipment, you tell them aloud, roleplay them, or you write them. Only one of those methods lends itself to being done alone. I have neat story ideas, and so I try and write them from time to time. Usually I never get around to it, and if anyone went around collecting my discarded ideas, they'd be a millionaire.

Now, that said, thebigfatman/iambliss has been doing NaNoWriMo for some time. And I also discovered vidicon was also a participant this year. So, I bit the bullet, and took a story idea that had been bouncing around in my head and slapped it down on ether. So, for your enjoyment, I introduce Sea Son, an original work by yours truly.

Yeah, it's in txt format, not HTML, so it probably won't display well in your browser, just save it to disk.

Also, amusingly enough, in that one short writing session, I put down exactly 1024 words according to the *nix wc utility.

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