How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

On Anarchy #8b: Mission 1: Part 2

Jack reached behind the overstuffed, slightly moldy chair, and pulled a backpack onto his lap. It was covered with punk rock patches. He reached into it, and produced a folder thick with paper. He began rifilling through it. "Alright, our gas-van is back from the shop. Owen'll let any of our agents pick it up."
Le Contesse nodded. "I'd prefer if it were you Jack; the fewer people Owen can regonize the better. One of the other cells informed me that the cops are wise to his chop shop."

While they were doing that exchange, Kristin whispered in my ear. "The gas-van is a big butt-rock van; the bottom is removed, and the back is fitted with a 300gallon tank. There's a pump, and hoses. We're going to be pumping from the tank caps at gas stations, selling it to a few other groups for a dollar a gallon. Cuts back on those gouged prices."

"Right." Jack replied to Le Contesse. "Meanwhile, I got a drop in my inbox. Sneeqy Peat wants to set up an online meet with you."
"Who's Sneeqy Peat?" Le Contesse asked.
"Major hactivist. He claims to have done some work with the Cult of the Dead Cow, before they went straightedge. Well, mostly. They still do really good work with encryption, and enforceing privacy. You should see this new steg-enabled..."
"Jack," Eric interrupted. "Topic."
"Sorry. Anyway, SP is a muckymuck online, even though CDC claims to have never heard of him. He's taken credit for defacing a few dozen websites, three internet worms, six other viruses, and claims to have gained entry into dozens of government and credit databases. If any of it's true, who knows?"
"But if any of it is true, he'd be real useful," Kristin added.
Le Contesse nodded. "Agreed. When and where does he want to meet?"
Jack passed her a printout. "That's the server and IRC channel you should use. He wants you to use that nick." He went through the folder some more. "Okay... I've got a line on a high power tuneable transmitter, but the guy wants ten grand. It's powerful enough for what we want to do."
Le Contesse turned to Eric. "What have we got in the treasury?"
"Last I checked, we've got about three grand space out in a few accounts, plus another couple hundred petty cash."
Le Contesse nodded. "We need to do a fundraising drive."

I whipsered to Kristin, "What's the transmitter for?" But she didn't answer, instead, she asked of the group, "So how are we going to raise cash?"

Jack smiled. "I've been thinking about that." He laid out a map of Manhattan. Several key intersections were highlighted in red. "A friend of a friend is in Take Back the Streets. They've got an event planned to take place around these blocks Tuesday at four thirty."
"Getting into rush hour. I like that." Kristin smiled.
I was lost. "Take Back the Streets?"
Eric guffawed. "Don't you read the FBI hotsheets? TBS is a terrorist organization. They dance. In the streets. Block traffic. Terrorist, dangerous subversives."
"That's it? They dance?"
"Yep. But the feds blacklist them as terrorists."
Kristin added, "They interrupt the smooth humming of the corporate machine."
"Well, that and piss people off," I continued. "I mean, dancing in Manhattan during rush hour. I'm surprised the cabbies don't run them down."
"Anyway, continue Jack," Le Contesse gave us all a look that said, 'stay on topic'.
"Right. Well, at that time, the day's reciepts from six of the Wal-Marts on Long Island are moving through Manhattan to be transferred to a major bank here." He pointed at a mark on the map.
"We're going to hit an armored car?" I tried to keep the panic out of my voice.
"Won't be the first time." Kristin punched my shoulder. Again. We were really going to have to have a talk about that.
"But... I mean... armed robbery?"
"Who said anything about being armed honey?" Le Contesse folded hir hands meaningfully. "If you're armed, they shoot you. No, we won't be armed... per se."

What did I just write myself into? You know, I got alot of good ideas for stuff to pull by talking to people this weekend, and this wasn't on the list. ::smacks his forehead:: So look forward in a coming issue to see how our intrepid heroes pull off this daring caper. Meanwhile, I'm going to start doing research on armored car construction, staffing, protocols, etc, and try and figure out how they're going to do this.

BTW: Take Back the Streets is real, and is really a terrorist organization wanted by the FBI. Meanwhile, this is probably a good time to pimp Sell Out Anarchy, which has lovely T-shirts that read "Domestic Terrorist" that you can buy, and support this poor domestic terrorist.

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