How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

The Morning Editions of "Things that make me want to bomb shit."

Let's start with putting RFID tags in student's ID badges, and using them to track: attendance, tardiness, and what bus stop the students leave at. Excuse me? I'm particularlly fond of "how much more effecient for taking attendance" this is. The teachers don't have to take attendance, and it's automatically sent down to the office. Aside from the rather frightening implications involved with putting RFIDs on our children, this removes what I consider to be an important social aspect of the class period. Attendance is the part of class where the teacher can take a moment and make comments to the students, and interact with them without trying to teach them something. That aside, the way they want to use these tags, to track a student's every movement... We're removing the responsibility of good behavior from the students by constantly tracking them. In all honesty, that's the worst effect of increased security- we remove the responsibility for good behavior. You no longer have to police yourself, because there's a million watchers doing it for you. And as a result, when the watchers are gone, you are socially retarded.


Meanwhile, did you know that sale information is copywritten? That's right! If you trade sale information with other consumers you're violating copyright- at least if you're organized about it, and using consumer power to outwit the megalomart demons. Another instance of places like Mal-Wart, Target, Breast Buy, and Staples proving that they will screw their customers every way to Sunday.

[edit reason="Another link"]William Rivers Pitt explains why people hate Bush, and why more people should.[/edit]

I'm noticing that my regular posts are starting to sound more and more like "On Anarchy". Of course, "On Anarchy" right now has been dealing with my own personal conflict over the use of force and violence against a stale, useless system. I guess it's not terribly surprising. Ah well.

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