How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

On Anarchy : As the World Falls Down

I leapt out of the cab, shocked. Before my feet even settled on the curb, Kristin appeared and linked her arm through mine. "Bring the marshmallows?"

"No." I shook my head, "What happened?"
"How should I know? Can't say I'm sorry for it though. I mean, it was a Starfucks. Some yuppie will have to go an extra block to suck down mediocre coffee." She started pulling at my arm. "Let's blow this scene."

I followed along. As soon as we were a block away from the flames, watching fire trucks go blasting by, I looked at her as firecly as I could (which, all things considered, wasn't very fierce at all). "What did you do?"
She did an excellent job of looking confused. "What do you mean?"
"I mean, why did you torch the Starbucks! Someone could have been hurt." I kept my voice low, but this was insane. You just didn't do things like that.
"I didn't torch the Starbucks!" She stamped one foot defiantly, and stood there, staring, challenging me.
And damn, I believed her. "Then how did you know?"
She grinned and took my arm again, and we continued walking. "Women's intuition. 'Cmon, lets get some food, I'm hungry."

We walked for awhile, and as we did, we talked. Eventually, she looked up at me and said, "You want to hear something really wrong?"
"Is that an invitation?" I couldn't help but be impish.
"It's an offer." She punched my arm playfully, but it still hurt. I kept a straight face. "You know when I was watching the news on the now infamous 9/11, and I saw the towers falling, just as everyone going 'Oh no! Terrorists!', and people were jumping and dying and all that horror, and you know what I thought?" She paused for a moment. "The first words out of my mouth were, 'At least the skyline's improved.' I mean, they were ugly, ugly fucking buildings. It was only later that I thought, 'Hey, maybe this could be a good thing."
"A good thing? You better keep your voice down, you're liable to get us killed."
She looked around at the bustling New Yorkers, still feeling the pain of two years ago with too much sensitivity.
"Eh, they'll get over it. They have to. But think about it. If, instead of getting our penises out and pissing on the world some more, we could have taken a moment to evaluate things. Why did the attack happen? If we listen to Bushie, it's because we're a god-loving-capitalist-nation-of-freedom-and-McDonalds. And that's not really it. It happened because America is a great big dick. Uncle Sam's been knocking the soap out of Lady Liberty's hand and going at it prison style. It seems the current motto is 'Scream all bloody murder and swing a big stick.'" She took a moment to catch her breath. "Sorry. It's just, when I watch things going to hell, I need to do something." She flipped the bird at a large Hummer H2 as it drove by, and kept it up for the Escalade following it. "SUVs, McDonalds, Walmarts... those are the reasons that a group of people wanted to slam planes into the World Trade Center. I mean, what was the World Trade Center? Hell, it was the place that powered SUVs, McDonalds and Walmarts. So yeah, to a degree, I tend to see those terrorists as Luke Skywalker doing his trench run."
"Don't you dare start ranting about the contractors working on the Death Star and how horrible it was for them." I chuckled at my own joke.
"Don't tell me you haven't seen Clerks."
"Nope. Enjoyed Dogma though."
"That's something at least."
"Oh, lets eat here, my treat." Kristin started walking towards a McDonalds.
"Wait, didn't we just rant about how they were evil?"
"Do you disagree?"
"Hell no, I wouldn't shed a tear if they all vanished tomorrow."
"Then follow my lead grasshopper."


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