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On Recent Wierdness...

What follows is wierd, unbelivable occulty-bit stuff. Keep that in mind...


It started after janthegecko's wedding. Cate and I were hanging out with knight2142 talking, and such, and I was inspired to talk to the Fae Court of Kingston. I hadn't really checked in with them since moving here, and that is rude- even though they really didn't care if I visited. Considering the adventures I've had a Tri-Mount and in Troy, they really weren't all that interested in seeing me- I'm trouble. But I poked in, just to talk to the Court Magician, and as we talked, I learned a few things. First, the local fae court still thinks like Kingston is like it was two hundred years ago. Second, they don't like change. They don't take a hand in local events, choosing to leave well enough alone, and beliving that if you ignore something hard enough. Thirdly, centered around the high school was an infection. The court mage knew about it, but wasn't interested in it. I mean, no one was shocked that the high school was collecting up bad vibes. Still, it's not like me to let something like that sit. A bit of poking around, and I could see it was spreading pretty slowly, and it wasn't an immediate issue, but it could get very serious.


So, I give everyone nearby a heads up, knight2142(Frog), apples491(Apples), Sean, Erin his sigoth. I poke into the infection, grabbing a sample to take to the "Chickies", as I like to call them. One is the former spirit of my computer, Alicia, and the other was a servitor that I used to help with research. They gained independance from me a few years ago, and have set up shop in my old astral laboratory, working as M-Level troubleshooters and problemsolvers. I usually go and talk to them about anything like this, since at this point, they're more in practice, more up on events than I am, plus, they've got all my high end research tools. I run a sample of the Infection to them, they're cool with doing some research.

In the mean time, Apples is being called into the empty, overgrown lot next to our house. There's this large non-physical snake that lives there, and it wanted to talk to him.

After a little research, the Chickies show me their findings- the virus causing this infection, is a spell, moreover, it's an amazing spell. The design and formation of the energies is unlike anything that any of us have seen before. This is professional work. An hour later, they've found something else. A signature- they know who made it. To which they respond with fear- they tell me to walk away, to not get involved, and failing that, to leave them out of it. They purge their samples, records, etc. and forget they ever worked on it.

So now I'm freaked out. I get more so when Apples gets more info from the Snake- the high school isn't the only infection site, the mall, the other schools, and a few other places are liked up, and a pipeline connects all the sites- if the virus breeds well at once site, it spreads more strongly into the weaker sites. Like I said, amazing. Not only that, but we also discover that the virus is in three other Alpha sites around the country, one near Minneapolis, one in the Panhandle, and one someplace between Cali, Oregon and Nevada. Each site was a slightly different version with different properties, and it was infecting people in the sites. Fear, Anger, Despair and Apathy were its primary vectors and symptoms. Most strongly apathy. And it was extremely well cloaked. The only reason that we knew anything about it at all was that the Snake arranged for the cloak around the high school to be dropped. Once we saw one site, we were aware of the rest.

More investigation? There's a group of eight individuals responsible for this. They're operating out of the city, and they've got government connections. They've got minions.

So, we marshall our forces, and arrange to meet at Sean's place, with lots of shielding and protection.

On the way there, we were followed for several miles. Apples managed to gun it and ditch the tail at one intersection, but still that was creepy. We make it to Sean's and start the fill-in, letting Sean and Erin know what's up. And that's when they come for us. All eight, leave the city and start projecting up this way, sticking to real-world topography (ie. they literally move up the Hudson to K-town). They're moving fast, and can cover the distance in a matter of minutes. So we start panicking; having seen the virus and its complexity, and the hearsay we've collected, these guys are big guns.

But, due to other adventures and connections, there are favors we can call in. And we do. We get an army of fae and demon marines scrambled to help defend us. We hunker down, and suddenly- they stop. They hit Poughkeepsie and suddenly stop. We don't know why. Apples and Cate find themselves in agony over it, Cate feeling as if her guts were torn out, Apples feeling as if he's been dragged across broken glass.

They're held in Poughtown for awhile, but they break through whatever was holding them, the spider's of my aquaintance hold them a bit longer, but then they come for us, and descend upon Sean's place in a fury. We hold out, and they start to notice that the main tool in thier arsenal- secrecy, has been blown. About when they realize that, I pull the entire house out of the physical and "upload it", instead of shooting to the astral, where we're still in one place and can be attacked, I uploaded into the digital- but not any one place in the digital- no where has that kind of datastorage. Instead, I store the house as a collection of packets between servers, using the data transmission capacity to store the house. It's decentralized, and confusing so that they can't really find us. Taxes me something awful, and on an amusing aside: I remembered to track the behavior of all of the people in the house, but I forgot Sean and Erin have cats- when we dropped back into the physical, after the eight realized they weren't winning on this one, even if they killed us, one of the cats had some data from the net- porn, stuck in its head. That has been cleaned out.

Now, the next day, Cate, Apples and I head for Poughkeepsie, to find out why the eight were stopped there. On the way down, we're stopped by a trooper for speeding. She gets our names, checks our IDs, and lets us go. Odd, yes? We think she might have been connected through the heirarchy to the eight. ::shrug::

At any rate, Poughtown has two bridges going into it, one a car bridge, the Mid-Hudson Bridge, and an old railway bridge about a mile further up river. What actually happened at the Battle of MidHudson? Cate and Apples will, at some point in the future, create a death-curse- a spell tied into their being that triggers and consumes the energy of their deaths. It catapulted their souls back to MidHudson on that night, and with them, they released the trapped souls that the eight had been using inan infernal machine to power their magick. That army is the one that faced down the eight. Not enough to kill them, but enough to slow them down.

Now, we looked into matters, and Cate did some research into their natures and backgrounds, I won't list all eight here, because that's beyond the scope of this post. Suffice it to say, that seven of the eight were all abused, shamed, and basically hurt by the brutality of humanity (the eight was a plant by another agency that was spying on them). Humanity was a virus, and what do you do to a dangerous virus? You kill it. The leader of this organization has been around since the 700s, working on that task. Several historical wars and plagues have his mark on them- not as a soul instigator, but involved.

Cate, upon discovering that felt nothing so much as sympathy for them. They suffered at the hands of mankind and got trapped in a pattern. They sold, sacrificed and threw away shards of themselves, their hope and compassion. And first Cate, then I, saw the need to fix them. So we put together a plan. Erin, for various reasons, not the least of all, her lack of the notoriety that the rest of us seem to have, was to wrap up a spell that was going to collect from the cosmos those lost pieces. Not all of them, and none of us expected to have them as exactly the same shape that they were- the idea wasn't to reset them, it was to create something new, with a chance of hope and improvement. We assembled the pieces and executed the plan. There were some notes- one of the pieces of the leader, the son he lost to the Crusades, was scooped up by the Spiders when they made me.

At any rate, we added Kerrin to our entourage for the main event, and Frog came in from Conneticut, so we had seven players to match theirs.

And it worked. I can't really describe the event, and to be frank, it still hurts. Four of the members died, including the leader, who I was paired up with, for obvious reasons. I also took that moment of hope, of new possibility, and rewrote it over the apathy virus. It's cleaned up alot, and things are looking good.

Damn, that was long. Took me two nights to write that. Now, now we'll work on returning to a normal LJ schedule.

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