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A Memory of Nonexistance...

The image that I just finished is unique for me, because when I was snapping alot of building shots, I happened to snag one of a building about a week before it was demolished. I didn't even know about it. I shot it as I was walking past, and then the next time I go past and pay attention, it's just gone. Disconcerting.

At any rate, the retouching I did on this doesn't scale down well; the details make it interesting, otherwise it just looks like a blurry photo. The basic process involved duplicating the base layer, desaturating and blurring between 10-25 radius using Gaussian(RLE). I then combined the desaturated layer with another copy of the original using a Darken Only combination. I repeated that several times, trying various methods of combining different versions of that same process, eventually using an Overlay. Finally, I took the result and Overlayed it over the original and voila.

Not that most of you care so just look at it. Warning- I didn't scale it down, it's a 4.5MB image.

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