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That stupid book meme...

If for some reason you haven't seen this already, strike the ones you don't have and replace them:
<lj user="atomox">'s list:
<strike>Douglas Adams</strike>
Orson Scott Card
Arthor C Clarke
John Steakly
Timmothy Zahn
<strike>JRR Tolkien</strike>
Ben Bova
<strike>CS Friedman</strike>
Franz Kafka
<strike>Robert Persig</strike>
Robert Heinlein
<strike>Mary Stewart</strike>
Robert Asprin

William Goldman
Orson Scott Card
Arthur C. Clarke
John Steakly
Timothy Zahn
Peter David
Ben Bova
Harry Harrison
Franz Kafka
Neal Stephenson
Robert Heinlein
Neil Gaiman
Robert Asprin (Bobby Bufferin)

Oh, and for something actually important. I have an interview on the sixteenth. It's for a training gig at Fleet- training people like James (who worked data entry this year) how to work data entry for Fleet. The rules and regs sort of stuff. The bad news? Aside from being a shit-for-brains job, guess what? I wouldn't be able to start earlier than 11/24. Almost _two months_ away.

Still, not gonna look a gift horse in its anus, but damn...

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