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Is it alright if my crucifix is only a laser-jet copy?

Yes, we really ARE monks! We really DO pray and help others. Hundreds of years ago, monks survived by baking bread. making wine, or copying manuscripts. We survive by selling Ink and Toner Supplies online, at HUGE discounts .....and YOU benefit!

Yeah, that's a real site. ::represses snicker::

Here's the thing, the Chruch has become the economic powerhouse through tithe and donation, but they also, for quite some time, provided monopolized services; aside from silly things like indulgences, they were the place to go for literature of any variety, education, etc. These things cost money, and in all fairness, the church turned a profit on them. Hell, that's better than tithe! At least you're getting something a bit more tangible than the approval of God- not to be Antago-theistic. But seriously, while you might be able to fleece people with a "God wants your money" schtick, you're better off in the long run showing people a return on their investment.

Not to mention of course, most of the monks I've met (and having gone to a Francisican run college that's alot), tend to be professional nice guys. You get a few Father Mackins (aka the Evil Robomackin ::diabolical laughter::), but by and large, they're usually pretty good peeps. So I'm gonna guess that the service is pretty good; at the very least, better than average.

And hell man, look at those prices.

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