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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

On Dreams...

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

On Dreams...

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run the fuck away
So, this one shrink/computer scientist, Christopher Evans, is the one who posited the theory that sleeping- and especially dreaming, are times where the brain takes its network offline, and does maintainance, patches code, etc.

Wrong. Imagine, if you will, that there are portions of the brain dedicated to marshalling the other portions of the network around- sys-admins. These sys-admins spend the entire day making sure the neural network in your skull runs smoothly. Now, it's getting late. They encourage the boss (consiousness) to leave, go home, see his wife, they can close up shop just fine thank you very much. Your consiousness steps out, and then what happens?

What do sys-admins do when the boss goes home? The lan game, duh! They boot up a game and give it a run, messing with your head. REM sleep is when they're playing something that uses alot of bandwith. At that point, the logfiles start noting some of the packets, and that's where dreams come from.
  • Look what your started:

    Ellraiser (7:26:08 PM): check this out: http://www.livejournal.com/users/t3knomanser/436932.html?mode=reply
    NtSteveC (7:27:31 PM): too funny.. and i have to agree..
    Ellraiser (7:27:38 PM): Yeah, me too.
    NtSteveC (7:31:24 PM): i left the HUB there
    Ellraiser (7:31:41 PM): I should have put it in a little plastic goody bag for you.
    NtSteveC (7:31:49 PM): its on the shelf between livining and dining room
    Ellraiser (7:31:54 PM): Yeah, I see it up there.
    NtSteveC (7:31:59 PM): :-P
    Ellraiser (7:32:45 PM): I'll send it home with your boys tomorrow.
    NtSteveC (7:32:54 PM): ;-) thanx
    NtSteveC (7:35:17 PM): an i wouldnt call it a lan game
    NtSteveC (7:35:27 PM): as we are not hooked up to other brains
    NtSteveC (7:35:56 PM): more like player Vs computer
    NtSteveC (7:36:22 PM): or one great demo game
    Ellraiser (7:49:34 PM): We're not hooked up to other brains, but there are a number of systems networked together in our brains. The lan consists of the various systems within one brain
    NtSteveC (7:49:59 PM): yes but those systems contain other brains
    Ellraiser (7:50:25 PM): No they don't
    Ellraiser (7:50:34 PM): The brain is the LAN.
    NtSteveC (7:50:43 PM): http://www.webattack.com/download/dlfastdefrag.html
    NtSteveC (7:50:49 PM): just downloaded this,..,
    Ellraiser (7:50:55 PM): Multiple systems within the brain are networked together
    NtSteveC (7:50:56 PM): itys a mem cleaner
    Ellraiser (7:51:04 PM): For my brain?
    NtSteveC (7:51:09 PM): yeah

    By the way, Steve's hub is now sitting in a little pink plastic Hello Kitty party loot bag.
  • i like this theory. sounds dead on to me.
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