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The First Beauty of the Constitution:

The symmetry of the House and the Senate. The House calls for impeachment. The Senate tries the impeachment. A bill must pass both Houses, Senate and Representatives, the Reps. being proportioned by the population of the states, but in the Senate, all states are equal. A very eastern structure of balance.

The Second Beauty of the Constitution:

Rising above the House and the Senate serves the President. His Veto power allows for the President to mediate the influence of both Houses. He ensures that the Balance is set to the benefit of the people. A good president serves the role of a rudder on a trireme, balancing the effect of the rowers on the left with those on the right.

The Third Beauty of the Constitution:

"The Congress Shall have the Power To... raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two years;... (I, 8)"

Interesting thought... the ability to have an army for two years, but no more? That section goes on to speak in detail about the maintanance of a militia. Congress is expected to maintain a Militia and call upon it to "...supress insurrections and repel invasions. (I, 8)" Congress sets the standard for the militia training and provides the equipment, but the states actually RUN the militia.

The Fourth Beauty of the Constitution:

House and Senate balance each other in the realm of law making, and are mediated by the President. The conscience of this system is the Court System. They uphold the just laws, and strike down the injust. They are the defenders of the People from the Government, and defenders of the People from those that would harm them.

The Fifth Beauty of the Constitution:

The capacity for amendment. This not only is beautiful, but must be the single most robust feature in the entire document. The uncommon realization that anything that is meant to last must be flexible.

The Sixth Beauty of the Constitution:

The ninth amendment. While the rest of the bill of rights serve thier useful purpose, this is perhaps the most important, but least remembered amendment. "The enumeration in the Constution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people." Imagine the arguments you could make based upon that amendment. "This law is a violation of my ninth amendement rights!"

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