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Weekend Update

Alright, so lets recap? Friday Frog arrived into town. Old school Tri-Mount buddy, good times hanging out with him, Apples, Sean and Cate. We'll, that and Frog finished a high paying gig last week or the one before and was doing cool things like treating us to the diner (FOOD!). He also introduced us to a friend in the area that he used to go to school with, Kerrin. She's quite a fun person, we entertained her at the Geek House. Literally entertained; visting this house is like watching a cabret or vaudville show. Minus the Minstrel show portion- I look horrible in blackface.

Ouch, that was politically incorrect. Well, that aside, Saturday was Jan-Marie and Matt Whittaker's wedding. I've known Jan since she was a freshman in high school, and hell, she worked up at Trimount with us. Imagine if you will, being close friends with five guys and working at a summer camp with three other women (and a staff of fifty). You can imagine the lewd comments and horrid jokes. We revisted one on her at the reception. Up at Tri-mount, when we were eating, one or more of us guys would "accidentially" drop our fork under the table, and while we were picking it up, Jan would squirm and gasp in the implication of lewd activity. Much fun. Okay, remember, this was a summer of hard labor with fourty some odd other guys with whom you showered in a prision style shower room (cement room, six nozzles on the walls, don't drop the soap). At any rate, Frog, Apples and I (Sean having some bad blood with Jan and Rayray being MIA), went up to the main table at the reception, proceeded to drop our forks and kick them under the table (oops), and embarrased Jan greatly.

Much fun was had, Matt and I even sang some Savatage lyrics together (Savatage being used for a great portion of the ceremony and again at the reception). Overall, we were happy. By the end, I was blitzed. Something about an open bar, and realizing, "Hell, even if the drink is shit, I didn't pay and don't have to drink it!)

Sunday we hung out, Frog bought Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy (which was nice and easy to make a copy of ::evil pirate grin::).

And today? Well, doing jobby hopeful bits and finished the latest Harry Dresden book. Can't wait for the sixth. Considering the pop out every few months, I guess that technically makes them pulp, but they're good pulp.

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