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To do...

Firebomb a Corporate Headquaters (kidding of course, this journal is neither a note to commit a criminal act, nor an advoacy of such. I also respect John Ashcroft.)

Meanwhile, if the Dalai Lama hadn't been fated to monkhood, he would have been an engineer. That guy is pretty damn cool. I mean, here he is going, "Okay, let's take the meditation schtick, rip out all the mysticism and metaphysics, and make a practical tool that people can use to become happy." That my friends, is a million dollar answer. And, even better, if perchance, this doesn't work out, and science disproves meditation, he's open to rethinking the entire tradition of buddhism.

That's almost as good as the pope saying you don't have to be a christian to go to heaven. Man, that was a hoot, listening to fundies get up in arms over that one, let me tell you.

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