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"Mr Bush, who flew into Britain last night, said that the thousands of demonstrators expected in Genoa were not helping the poor. World poverty could only be tackled by the free trade that they opposed. "

This was clipped from an article on the G8 summit, the one protected by SAM sites, and has germ and nuclear specialists there. You've gotta wonder, if it's your job to serve the people, yet you have to take these extreme measures to keep the people from itnerfering...

And the "free trade" crap that Bush spewed smells worse than what I shit out while I was sick this spring. The G8 supports anything but free trade, unless of course you're a multinational megacorp with one hand on your wallet, and your other hand jerking off the powers that be, while you're busy screwing over anyone else.

Stupid, stupid. Ayn Rand, Keynes, and any economist with a brain in thier head would see this G8 thing as anything but capatilism. It's more like a cyberpunk novel, and the zaibatsu are taking over.

Meanwhile, lets not forget about Russia and China. Did the Cold War ever end? Not really. And Bush keeps pushing the antimissle shield forward, forgetting a few rather important facts. First, there's a problem of international interactions, and that leads into the second- every defense can be overcome by better offensive technology, and vice versa. China and Russia say, "Don't do that. If you do, we'll have to start preparing." US says, "Fuck you guys." C and R go, "Fine." And build weapons capable of breaching the shield, therefore rendering the entire thing useless and merely serving to annoy the world.

The US has gotten too big for it's britches.

"Vandalizing a no-parking sign is a misdemeanor, but burning a flag is a hate crime, because burning the flag is an expression of contempt for the moral unity of the American people," said Rep. Henry Hyde, R-Ill. "Hi, I'm Henry, I'm a politicain, and I have never read the constitution. I have forgotten that there is no moral unity of the American people because the nation of America, at it's core, should never ever ever proscribe a moral stance, at least according to the constitution anyway."

"I deplore desecration of the flag in any form," said Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., but "I am strongly opposed to this resolution because it ... elevates a symbol of freedom over freedom itself." " Hi, I'm John, and unlike Henry, I'm fucking brilliant."

Meanwhile, I'm somewhat glad I don't live in Britain.

"The world�s first seven-star hotel will play host to some of the world�s most influential figures in a unique attempt to thrash out a solution to global poverty."

Can we say irony?

And I've got a question, why is it, if you believe that all life on the planet was genetically engineered by UFO's, you are declared a cult?

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