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...the US government doesn't have some mistaken idea that it runs the world, does it. It seems to me that the US is attempting to take on the role of the United Nations, and is in fact, to yoink from PNAC and establish a "pax americana", much like the peace established by Rome.

The sad thing is, Rome did a much better job. For example, after conquering a nation, Rome established an infrastructure that matched up with it's other portions. Look at Afghanistan and Iraq. Somewhere along the way, "Rape, Pillage, Burn", turned into "Lie, Burn, Pillage, Sit around doing 'police action'". I think I liked it the old way better.

So, let's recap shall we? Bushie ranted on about the threat posed by Iraq, which included things like buying uranium from Niger, stockpiling bioweapons, etc. There were claims of an actual stockpile that could be traded to terrorists, and in addition, Iraq was in league with al-Qaeda. Now, even after finding evidence of al-Qaeda activity, it's still pretty clear that while they used Iraq for training, the Iraqi government was unaware of this. There's evidence that Bush's staff knew that the Niger information was false. Instead of presenting evidence that Iraq had WMD, Bush says that we'll find it. We will, in Iraq, find the evidence that Bush claimed to have to justify an attack on Iraq.

It's times like these that sites such as the Memory Hole start looking like salvation, and the GNN seems like an important read. To be frank, I'm extremely worried about where things are going- but we knew that already. The worst part is, the infamous "they" seem to be pulling off this scam on so many fronts, at the same time, from so many different angles, that if you step back and try to get the big picture, you just end up seasick. And, simultaneously, through a conjunction of bad economy, lack of media coverage, carefully planned marginalization (Like Bushie's "No matter how many people protest, I'm the president and I'll do what I want" after the February 15th protests), the vast majority of people don't even notice. Then of course, we get pop icons like Brittany Spears doing a "Bush is our leader, and we should follow him no matter what," tripe (more like going: "Look, I'm not one of those evil, unamerican Dixie Chicks").

Reminds me, I need to whip up another shirt: "I will not assasinate the president". That'll be in my Sold Out Anarchy store.

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