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The first recorded DoS attack against a social structure...

Someone's been attacking /.. But they haven't been attacking the servers per se. There's an automated commentor that has been hitting /. posts with "Crapflood". Moderators can't handle it, because of the limitations on moderators, so what happens is the actual social structure of /. is being effected.

This is intriguingly cyberpunk; digital tools are being used to fragment human interactions instead of the computers that facilitate those structures. I'm curious to see what comes of this.

Meanwhile, in Japan an interesting twist on technological dependency is cropping up. This sort of addiction is unheard of in the US, despite the "computer addicts" we think of. We have here a case of people actually failing to function without devices that they've come to rely on.

Again, this has me intrigued- true cyberdependency. I'm curious to see how far this ends up going.

I also found a cool blog which I syndicated onto lj, coolhunting. Pretty nice geekstuff.

Speaking of cool, check out Pixelblocks- look out legos, there may be some serious competition! Meanwhile, Tenmyouya Hisashi does some modern themes with traditional Japanese artistry. Again, trey cool.

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