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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

On Communication

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

On Communication

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run the fuck away
In any endeavour, communication is key. This is common sense and common knowledge. But, let's explore a few implications when a breakdown occurs.

Firstly, a breakdown in communication is the problem of all involved. Trying to assign blame for not communicating, or not asking is futile and pointless. Instead, channels for communication must be established, or alternatively, creating methods to reduce the need for communication also can help.

Establishing protocols is a good way to manage these scenarios. This essentially is a way of front-loading your communication. By having a defined set of protocols and behaviors, actions can be predicted because you can count on the other members following those protocols. Laws are an example of this front-loading scenario. As are software standards, languages, etc.

The current disputes in the house, no matter what side you assume in the argument, the fact is that there was a breakdown in communication, protocols weren't used properly, information wasn't transmitted, and actions were taken in this atmosphere of confusion, which in the end, lead to arguments, bruised egos, and insults.

That is the real problem.
  • Good. This is what we should be talking about. I'm not going to continue any accusations or arguments here, but continue to suggest that we have a metteing. Tonight if possible. And perhaps that we have meetings once a week, if we can make the time.

    We need to be more forward and open with each other. When we have a problem with something, we need to be open about it. And not necessarily in a negative way. Simply in an informative one. I'll end here and ask that we, tonight hopefully, continue these discussions face-to-face. Perhaps over a bottle of Dew? :P
    • Mixed response. The idea of a "meeting" really bugs me. I'd prefer to be a little more informal with it- we just remember to keep talking, bitching, instead of holding back so we get blow ups. Even if it involves leaving notes about, that's fine, so long as the message get's through.
      • Nah, meetings are good ideas. That way, there's set time to do that sort of thing. Corporations give meetings a bad name... But it's something that Dan and I try to do every once in a while... Sometimes they're ad hoc, but a lot of times, it's like, let's sit down tomorrow night and talk about money. That way everyone has a chance to think up what they want/need to say, and have an idea of what is on their mind. It works better than a constant stream of bitching that never ends.
        • It still locks in a time and place. I'd prefer to first try to work on the "perpetual meeting" method, where there's a perpetual ad hoc discussion. If we can't work in a free form structure, then maybe we can work on meetings...
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