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Some notes:

  • When someone says, in no uncertain terms, "Don't enter my room without permission," don't.

  • When someone says, "If you don't like where my stuff is, put it in these places, I'll deal with it," do so.

  • When someone starts a project, like shelves, and doesn't tell you to finish it, you should check with them, to make sure it's done how they wanted to- if they even want you to do it.

  • Snark

  • From now on, I am reserving all of my horizontal spaces in the living room. Don't be surprised if you find stuff on your bed, floor, or chair suddenly.

Though, this all begs the question, why is it, when people decide to go on massive cleaning jags, they do it when we're not here for the weekend? Then we catch flak because we have things in the living room (you know, the public space). I'm not nearly as sensitive on this topic as Cate is, but even I'm getting annoyed. My stuff is mine, and I'm normally very easy about people using, moving, or whatever with my stuff- with my consent.

So, as a note/reiteration. The display table, sewing machine, end table, and 50's-television-cum-table are going the way of Ben's shelving/entertainment center. No one's allowed to put stuff there but me and Cate. If there's anything of ours someplace else, and you don't like it, feel free to put it on any one of those tables.

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