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The lost world of the Free Market...

A free market economy works on a simple principle- companies produce a product, and offer that product to the populace. They balance supply and demand and quality against cost. The theory is, that the public is willing to pay a certain amount, and if the quality versus cost does not balance out, they go someplace else. Compaines that provide quality products and services are rewarded, they prosper and grow. They outstrip compaines that can't compete with them.

What happens when a company can move in, and provide a lower quality product at a higher price, and through mass marketing and centralization, drive out other companies. We see this happening, in Starbuck's, Wal-Mart's, and other such gigantic chain stores. Copmaines have gotten so big that they can stamp out the alternatives, merge and cooperate. There's no longer any real choice, since your business no longer matters to them- you are a statistic, you are a meaningless piece of marketshare.

And then I see things like Stop Media Regulation, because Rush Limbaugh is being oppressed. It remains a joke, a big fucking joke.

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