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On the Oft Mentioned Matrix, in Relation to Philosophy

One of my big philsophical issues with the Matrix is that while it denies that what the characters experience is real, it replaces it with something else that is (though, it seems to me that the third movie will remove that, pointing out that the real world is an illusion, and that there is another, "more real" world).

Not to harp on experiential realism, but if you've seen it, heard it, felt it, touched it- it's real. That is why I can accept theism as a valid viewpoint- you may have had a personal revelation. But how can something reveal to you the non-existance of a diety? That's why I can't accept athiesm as valid- not only is there no proof, there is no chance of proof- ever. That's like saying that there are no such thing as pegasai. You can't prove that they have never existed in every place, without checking every place. Which is impossible.

Here's why I would never get pulled out of the Matrix by our intrepid heroes. While I do not believe that the world we experience has any concrete basis, and I'm perfectly willing to accept that it may be an illusion, in either a buddhist or Matrix context. In any case, illusory it may be, but it is my experience. While it is malleable, and I can create any experience I want to, given the appropriate exertion of effort and creativity (and possibly schizotypal delusions), the fact that it is a lie doesn't bother me. I'm not offended by that thought, in and of itself.

However... finding bugs and exploiting them... that does sound like fun.

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