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Tri-Mount Memories...

Five years ago, Apples, Tim, Eric McCarthy, and myself made a pact to return to Tri-Mount five years from then. McCarthy has been lost to us, the following year his family moved to Florida, and none of us have heard from him since. But last night, Tim, Apples and I brought Cate (and Daryll, but that was incidental) to Tri-Mount.

It was wonderful, I've missed that place so much, sitting by the lake and staring up, air so clear the Milky Way is clearly visible. Shawn Marks and I used to break out our instruments and have jam sessions, both at the campfires, for the whole camp to enjoy, and for ourselves, sitting on the "Darn" (the Darn being the wall of earthenworks that holds the lake in... a scout should curse and say "dam", get it? It's stupid, but dammit, it is the "Darn", always has been, always will be!).

Between memory fading and land changing, I can't run through the camp at night anymore. Used to be I knew the place so well that I could run through it at night, or with my eyes closed, at full speed, never fearing tripping or running into something. I knew every inch of that camp that well; five summers.

I need to go there more often...

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