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Okay, let's go out on a limb and accept the big bang theory. It's cute, but full of holes. Kinda like evolution. They'll do for the most part.

Taking BB as a leaping off point, let's examine the issues inherent in Dark Matter and Dark Energy. We have theorized the existance of Dark Matter because there isn't enough matter to account for gravitational forces. Yet, simultaneously, Dark Energy is needed to account for the fact that the expansion of the universe, so far as we can tell, is accellerating.

This leads to a few options. If the expansion of the universe persists in this nonmechanical expansion, we might be looking at the potential heat death of the universe. Unless, we do what I like to, and throw the Law of the Conservation Of Matter and Energy out the window. Yes, it goes buh-bye! It's a stupid Law anyway, and proven only axiomatically. So ::thwap::, let's reexamine things. What if the big band hasn't stopped yet. Someplace, at the center of the universe, there's a font, a jet. that pours more stuff into the universe. The Dark Energy we've noticed is actually an effect of a renewable source. Now, since the rate of expansion is accellerating, this again means two things- either the rate of influx from that font increases, or the area that the universe is expanding into is shrinking. We see a change in speed because space itself is more compressed, and ends up measuring out to be less.

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