How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

On the outage...

When things first went down to the basement, checking the fuse box. To my surprise, they all looked fine. This however, was no indicator of anything, so I went to a nieghbor. They were outside, and thought they had power, but once they checked, they were wrong. Okay, so it's at least this area. We then try and make a call on James' cell phone to CHG&E to inform them that the power is out. But cell one service is down. Suddenly, the power outage looks large. Cate, James and Tim go to drop Tim off at the mall for work, and Cate can do some stuff at the PO, and that's when they tune into the radio and see the big picture.

My first thought- California/Enron part deux. Amusingly, Greg Palast thinks the same thing. And he has some experience in the matter. Bush quite accurately blames it on the antiquidated power grid. Of course, it's antiquidated because no one has reinvested money into the power infrastructure since the early sixties, aside from expanding service areas. atomox proposed that it might have been a result of MSBlaster.exe, but I pointed out that the computers running our power systems predated Windows.

On other notes: Kingston's water system predates electricity. The structure that has the highest elevation above sea level is the City Watertower. It's all downhill from there, no pun intended. Beyond that, we have a propane stove, with the tank located directly behind the house. The only sad thing is that our hot water heater is electric. Aside from that though, we can get by electricity free quite well.

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