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Wild Kingstondom

Today, during the large storm, the bottom of our street turned into a lake. not just a little lake mind you, the entire cross street flooded; it was almost knee deep. Cate and I sat at the bottom of the hill, watching cars fight through it, some plowed, some inched (inching is the more intelligent manuver, but we were rooting to see people plowing it).

Meanwhile, earlier this morning, we were watching a movie, and a groundhog pokes up on the porch and watches us through the window. This is one of the two groundhogs living in our yard. Last night, a skunk clawed the garbage, and an opossum and the cats share the kitten chow we leave on the porch. We have a horde of spiders eating an equally large horde of bugs.

All this, inside a city. Fucking wild kingdom. It's cool.

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