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Today was simply one blessing after another. I haven't had a day this good since last Sunday (I know that's a not a long time, but last weekend was exception...). Before the last weekend... who knows when I last had a day this good.

First off, I got up at 9:30. I slept in on a weekday! W00T! Had time to chat with Amanda for a bit before getting ready for the day. I just rolled over and logged on, it was sweet. Got to work at noon. It was a staff only day, putting the float together. It was great, because we had the luxury of time, and could take it at a liesurly pace, and hang out. it was more of a working party than real work. Plus, we all got to be crafty and MacGyverish as we juryrigged all sorts of additions to the float. That finished up at around three, and I sat alone with the float for an hour until the guy driving it showed up to take it away, allowing me to finish the Postman for the kajillionth time. The most wonderful books are the books that do not leave you unchanged, and the Postman is one of thsoe sorts of book. It leaves one full of hope for a better world.

I got an hour and a half break, then went over to the midtown center to gather the kids. We had maybe twenty kids show up. The light crowd was a major comfort, because that was less we had to keep track of with seven staff. (7 to 20... I love the ration). And the parade was fun! The kids got really into it, chanting the park name, "Let's go Hutton let's go!" I was grinning the entire way, giddy with high spirits.

The only bad news? I left the first aid kit at Kingston Plaza. That'll pose a problem on monday. Maybe I'll buy a new one over the weekend (I cashed my paycheck). That's actually a really good plan.

In other news?

'Manda, I love you.
This nauseating cuteness was a public service announcement funded by the Society for Romantic Fornication.

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