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Random Post...

Remember that post about geekiness? Well, I am 57.39645% geek according to this quiz, which really should have blog questions. That aside...

The bad news- the really cute siamese kitten has been maimed. It's tail has been forcibly removed in that bones-are-showing sort of way. Cate and I are leaving food out, and hoping to catch it. We're going to see if we can get the SPCA to catch it and treat it.

Meanwhile, James, bad man that he is, has been feeding me bad habits. The first, is the Harry Dresden series. Gumshoe wizardry. Nuff said. Good stuff, I'm on the fourth book, and I've been reading them straight. The other bad habit? James went out and bought "Knights of the Old Republic" for XBox. Ummmm.... duuuude... a game, for a console, that has me hooked. (as is shown by the 10+ hours I've devoted to it already)


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