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I cleaned...

...I cleaned the kitchen. Actually, "cleaned" isn't exactly the right word, mostly because it still has a long way to go. I did one side of the sink's worth of dishes, plus the dishes deliriumcrow and I dirtied in the process of getting breakfast. I swept and mopped the floor three times, and it's still dirty. Wiped down some of the exposed area of the table (there's a big pile of stuff of unknown origin on it), and scrubbed the stove.

Now, if any of these tasks had been done in the recent past, none of this would have been an issue. But the fact is, the last time the kitchen floor was cleaned was when Ben did it when we moved in. For some reason, no one felt the need to do dishes this weekend. The stove has never been cleaned.

I am hot, and sweaty, and annoyed. All it takes is for people to sweep the floor about once a day, mop it about once a week, clean the stove when it's dirty, and do dishes when they use them. The remainder of the cleaning of the kitchen is someone elses problem. But it'd also be a good idea for someone to vacuum the living room.


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