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Wow, it's amazing. After finding all sorts of things going on at all times, I'm shocked to return from my excursion to discover that nothing happened. No noticable new LJ posts. No email. Nothing. It's wierd.

Sam called, bored, and we decided to do something. We didn't really decide what though, and did the standard thing- went to HKT. Ran into Adam and his brother Eric, who were looking at thier new Mage Knight figures (a strategy game much like warhammer but cheaper). Eric was on his way to see Final Fantasy, so Sam and I went (Ben, Tim, Sara and Max were going to a later show, but we both wanted to be home a bit earlier.) Final Fantasy ranks in as a matinee showing, though I don't feel bad about the full priced evening ticket. The graphics are the reason for the big screen showing. The plot is not. Not that the plot is bad, but it's a little... bleh. Not bad for a first outing by "Square Pictures", and also not bad for the first non-cartoon computer animated film. Unlike the disneyfied Toy Stories, or other computer animated films, this one is a plot that could have been done live action- but just would not have looked as cool. The neat thing is that the story revolves around a hybrid Gaia theory and technomancy.

I do reccomend it, because there is some neat stuff. And it is pretty. The acting is a little wooden, and you can see some shortcuts in the graphics. The bodies were posed in such a way as to not have thier arms against thier sides, thereby causing the sleeves to intersect with the body, and then having to compute the compression of the fabrics. The characters didn't sweat or cry. As a result, they all looked a little wooden. But it's a start, and after all, this is a budding movie genre.

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