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The Day of Awesome Conversation Over...

...but before that, a comment: XSLT is a bitch. I'm not sure if I'm just feking it up badly, or if it's Mozilla ignoring the rendering markup I tag in. No, I haven't tried another browser yet, I'll get around to it.

That said, let's see... Elizabeth visited today, which, as always, was awesome. I'm going to set her up an @thehouse email address, since she is a non-resident member of the house. That's a big thing... the other non-ressies? apples491 and Sam. (To be a non-ressie, you have to be a fairly frequent visitor, and you must make that... all important connection with the members of the house, such that you are automatically welcome). But we had much fun hanging out, and then Apples showed up, and so after Elizabeth left, we chilled in Ben's room, having those all important random discussions.

In other words, it was a cool day. I have been pleased.

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