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...since wonderlandash is more or less dead, I was wondering, does anyone want to have a go at a new game and universe entirely. I've got an idea for something lighter and more fun.

Space Diner - A Roleplaying Adventure Beyond Imagination

Jack stepped out of his car and walked towards the diner. As seemed to betrend in diners nowadays, it was done up in a fifties motif, covered in chrome, decorated with colored geometrics. "Damn thing looks like a space station," thought Jack. Of course, that fully meant that they had money and would have decent food and it would probably be fairly reasonable. That was fine by Jack; he had been driving for six hours and was tired. with that in mind he stepped into the diner.

Some strange music was playing; it took Jack a moment but he placed it. The artist was Sun Ra; he had a friend in college that was a big fan. The man claimed to be from Venus, or Mars or something, and he said he had a hotline to Atlantis, or somesuch. Without taking a moment to look around, he stumbled into a booth.

A moment later, a waiter came over. He glanced at the waiter, who said something in a language he didn't understand. In fact, after rubbing his sleep fogged eyes, he didn't understand quite a bit. Like why the waiter had tentacles where his mouth should be, or was green. Or for that matter, why the guy sitting at the counter had a face made halfway out of metal.

"Shit, you're a Terran," the waiter said. "Sorry 'bout that. I can't tell Terrans and Spekkans apart to save m'life. What'll it be bub?"

Jack promptly passed out.

Mornin' Chummer. Yeah, you. Glad to see you're awake. Name's Slammer, I'm what you could call the welcome wagon for the Gateway diner. Not my choice mind you, but ever since that Wizzard condemned me to eternal damnation here, I kinda know the ropes.

Close your jaw son, you're drooling on my shoes. Good, now that we've got that out of the way, I'm going to give you a crash course in space ettiqute before you get blown out the airlock on a frieghter carrying Tandoori chicken.

First off, the first question anyone asks is "Where am I?" See, knew you'd ask that. The short answer, is that you're at the Gateway Diner. This little shindig is the ultimate truck stop diner. Space jockies, TelliKops, assorted ruffians, and worst of all- tourists tend to make stops here.

Now, that's the short answer, but you need the long answer, dontcha? "Where am I?" The Gateway Diner is the finest in Omnispatial, Transdimensional Dining. Finest, it's the only thing. Chummer, you're everywhere. This diner can be reached from any point in the cosmos. 'Course, it's pretty random if you just walk through the door. Take a look out the window there though, and you can see that there's pull up parking. That lot there is for cars, that lot for space craft massing under fifteen gigaquiks, that for over fifteen, and that lot over there is for planets. Heh, once we had some squidbait that tried to park an entire Kepler Rossette, all five planets worth, in the 15 gigaquik parking. Captian Jekkers didn't like that one much at all.

Now, let's see, what are some of the other Frequently Asked Questions? "How'd I get here" is usually a good one. Again, this is an Omnispatial Transdimensional Diner. Those that don't just drive in tend to come in one of two ways. Either they use the MatterTransmission Gateway in the restroom, or they are a foundling, like you. See, sometimes, someone goes and makes a diner so much, in the spirit of this Gateway here, that they just... well, the Gateway takes a shine to 'em like, and decides every once in awhile to shunt it's door into the same space-time intersection as another Diner. In other words, you just walked in.

No, not everyone would have to play Foundlings, but it just struck me as a fairly neet way of wording the intro. Should I toss away another LJ code and score a community for this? Would my journal readers play? Mmmm?

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