How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy


So I read everyone's posts about the storm, collapsed buildings, lightning strikes, and so forth. We were having storm related fun ourselves. I threw this really odd basement find out in the storm to get charged; we watched the sky turn green, and rain fly sideways from the roof of the oil dump. That, and when Ben came down and told us he unplugged the router and cable modem, I was kinda confused. But then I remembered, most people don't have my luck with electricity.

Speaking of that odd find, it's a hydrant wrench. It's about four feet long, and ends in a "T". One side of the "T" ends in a pentagonal wrench, and the other side is a cresent moon. It screams use me as a M-level staff.

Meanwhile, I've got five themes for photos I have to shoot and mod this week, as per photocontest

  • pieces
  • opening
  • what i see at 3:33
  • blur
  • seven

For the 3:33 one, everyone's been posting afternoon shots. That won't do. I'm going to get some of the fuel depository across the street tonight. That, and I think there's a shot for seven that I can take near there, these little white thingies that are stuck to a telephone pole. Pretty sure there's 7+, which means I can crop out the extras or something. For opening, most people have been posting shots of a physical opening; I'm going to post one of the act of opening. Maybe a key in the lock, half turned or something.

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