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Look... a thought...

It's time to put some actual thoughts in my journal, and... journal something.

You know, this book is terribly subversive. The latest one I mean. This is the sort of thing that could rightfully cause a bruhaha, unlike the previous books.Face it, what we have here is a glaring display of well justified civil disobedience in the face of an oppressive and meddling government. You don't get more controversial than that.

Also, Cate and I were noting some of the similarities between the book and current events, the control over information flow... quite curious. I also see it as a primer for cyberpunk readers for that reason.

Ummm... let's see. Rowling has done a good job of having her books mature, and the humor and subtlety in them grows as well; sarcasm... yum. The plot's more complex than any other (hence the length)...

Also, I have a dream that when the schools disband all the extracurricular activities, the students will have read this book...

Meanwhile, the house is almost situated, despite the fact that the hot water heater is on vacation. Chilly. Oh, and I finally got around to installing some of the software that came with my video card, some games. I'm glad they were free, because Serious Sam is fucked up.

That is all.

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