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The First Amendment is in "intensive care," Libertarians said today, after a new survey found that 46% of Americans think the press has "too much freedom" and a whopping 71% say the government needs to hold the media in check.

"The First Amendment is in trouble," said Steve Dasbach, Libertarian Party national director. "If this survey is accurate, then the First Amendment is in intensive care and may be dying -- not of simple indifference, but because of criminal negligence by the American people."


Bug problem? Genetically engineered extinction.

Italian authorities have ordered 200 body bags as they step up preparations for a violent confrontation at next month's G8 summit in Genoa, say Italian media reports.


Self fulfilling prophecy? Oy... nasty articles.

European Police State... Protestors may catch lead poisoning...

News Paper Sued for Libel After Citing an Amnesty International Report.

One man making a difference (or dying trying...)
As most Americans prepare to celebrate Independence Day tomorrow, one man whose repeated and high-profile questioning of the Internal Revenue Service regarding the validity of income taxes is making his way to the nation's capital, drawing attention to his hunger strike.


Childish Pranks Online bring Harsh Consequences... Cyberbullies

War On Drugs Claims 56 in COlumbia.

I'll post mroe bad news later...

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