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More on Liz..

...because I can't get everything out in one post- ever. Notice that? I always run two or three posts on the same topic. Anyway, back to this matter with Liz. Cate mentioned how adamant Liz was about being happy that I was alive and well. That hits me on so many levels. First, it reminds me of where I was at, and where I am now. Even though people like Apples have been around for that, Apples watched the gradual change, with Liz the contrast is made apparent. Secondly, despite the fact that we were never really close, and that I haven't seen her for eight years, she remembers, was concerned for, and thinking of me.

::points to the gushy spot produced by this::

So yeah, that's cool. Even the Beaker figure on my monitor adjusting his eyes thinks so.

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