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More networking trouble...

...why did I end up in charge of networking? I hate networking. And know shit about it.

Okay, speaking of networking, I've got a puzzle for ya.
We've got a network set up like so: cablemodem goes into a router. Off the router we run a line to a switch, which a few computers connect to, and to a few computers go straight to the router.

Local traffic flies, pings between local computers hit at less than a millisecond. However, going out we have shitloads of trouble. (I made the cable for the LAN myself, all of the upstream cable was purchased.) Pings average 1000ms if not longer, I see alot of 2 and 3 second pings. We get alot of "request refused" errors.

Some things seem to alleviate the problem, like rebooting the router. Usually, after I reboot the router, it runs fine for ten minutes. We're all on DHCP, should I perhaps assign IP addresses behind the router? Is there any obvious things I could do to tweak this? Things run like ass.

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