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Good Morning

Good morning peoples!

Let's do a smidge of recapping of the past few weeks that you have all missed me for. I could tell I was missed because my email box was overflowing with messages from special people. Like I feel close to him, hearing from him so often.

At any rate, a few weekends ago was the rather delightful trip for Jen's wedding. While there was far too much time spent in cars (driving in cars), there was much fun had (in cars) [I don't think anyone will pick up a song reference there, ah well]. From having a fungus among us to watching the wedding all but get rained out.

Other than that, it's been alot of hanging out with the guys. (Quoth the landlord: "I don't want you inviting everyone you know over and throwing huge parties." My reply? "This practically is everyone we know." True, at least in K-town. But we want guests goddammit! Come visit us. When we get phones, I'll post the number, otherwise, IM or email me to get in touch.

There's plenty more unpacking to do today. And I'm going to be getting up a photo tour of our house before the end of the day. First I have to get a second fotola account.

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