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...this is the hardest I've worked in... in a long, long time.

Probably about half packed, maybe a bit more. Maybe alot more, it's hard to say. All of the dishes are clean. The rear bathroom is clean, and packed, aside from a few small pieces of shower stuff. The front bathroom is packed, aside from a hairbrush and toothbrushes. The bedroom is probably about half packed. The living room is about halfway there. We're currently storing everything in the rearmost room, since that has no carpet and we don't have to clean that one- it was the flood victim. Still have to pack the computers (shock!), but they always get packed last. A house feels very empty without them.

I have to figure out how to get over to Time Warner and drop off that cable modem. I should probably make an appointment on Friday to have them pick it up, that'll be alot easier. I'm going to do that.

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