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This is a big one...

..I had better break out the
This makes more sense when you remember that we ruled out the idea of getting a house with James, Ben and Tim; finding a five bedroom was proving too hard.

Okay, so Friday's my last day at work, and Cate and I hope a bus Saturday morning to do some apartment searching down in K-Town. We've got an appointement to check out one place down by Kingston Point. We walk past it on Saturday to get a feel for it; the showing is on Sunday. Well, we were less than amused. The downstairs neighbors have a truckload of kids and are blasting shitty hiphop. But we figure we'll check it out anyway. We also swing past Skillypot Antiques, down on the Strand. There we have thoughts of metaphorge, as we see a really pretty and shiny accordian (the next day we find two more accordians in an antique store uptown). We also pick up a golden apple bell for ten dollars (two fives, or two to the third plus two (law of fives)) and pay homage to Eris.

Why did we pay homage to Eris before going apartment hunting? ::smack::

The next day, we check out the place we scoped the day before. It's okay on the inside, downright nice even, but it's $795 a month, and I don't have a job secured yet, so we rule it out. We get a call back from bitchwoman (of earlier posts); they thought they had the place rented, but there was a cancellation, and they can show it. So we go over and fall in love. Wonderful apartment. Gorgeous. We gush, we ooze, we let them reccomend us a long distance service. We get a call that night, they've decided to rent it to us, and we can sign the lease tomorrow. Since it's a bank holiday and we can't pay up front, they want a deposit of $200. We get all of that together on Monday, go over, sign the lease, drop the deposit, and go home, only to find that they've changed their minds because bitchwoman has a "bad feeling" and refuses to expand on it. Fuckers. We get the deposit back.

She claimed at one point "We don't want to worry. I want my husband to sleep at night." I never heard quite so ironic a self-malediction uttered. I'll bet he has insomnia.

At this point, we're pissed and crushed, and in general angry. We set up a look at a studio with a loft in Uptown Kingston; it's nice, but small. Doable though, and it looks like that's what we're going to settle on.

We go home with the application; he wants a hundred dollar deposit with it. We make some calls to friendbits, and hook up with Ben and James (Tim's still in Utah with family). We go out to Micheal's Diner (a trip to Kingston isn't complete without a trip to that diner), and then accopmany them to check out what's slated as a three bedroom house for rent in Ponchockie (which is a riverside district in Kingston for those of you that don't know the layout). They were planning to rent it for Ben, James and Tim. But the thing is, it's five bedrooms, not three. The landlord is really cool, and is in the process of remodelling the place; it should be available first week of June. The outside sucks ass, but the inside is nicely done, and so it looks like the group of us are getting a house together after all. $1000 a month split five ways (four, but I pay double for me and Cate) isn't too bad at all. It's not confirmed yet, the landlord is going to let Ben know tonight.

Either way, house or not, we move out this Friday, and crash at my parent's while using my grandmother's house for storage until we can confirm our housing. The other nice thing, at $400 a month rent, I can hold out without a job a bit longer.

So in the end, Eris smiles upon us, and we also called in some favors from the birds (to be paid in birdseed) to help, and it looks good.

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