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...oh oracle, what news do you bring?

Well, Oracle: Fundamentals is going well enough. It's a good bunch of students, though I'm bored to tears. This is kinda on that "kidstuff" level at this point. "This is a select statement. This is the where clause," etc. But the thing is, I can't go too much faster, or I'm going to end mucking early tomorrow. As it is, I'll be ending nice and early, which doesn't bother me. It's ending really really early that bothers me. Or more accurately, it gets noticed, and Bosstom bothers me. Oh wait... I'm quitting!

What's really funny is that this is my last class, and I can't bring myself to not care about it. Remember, it's a good bunch of students? I like them, and want them to learn something. If I were teaching Word, it'd be different. Kidstuff though this may be, it's interesting and worth learning, and hence, worth teaching properly.

Went driving with Dennis again last night. I'm still having the worst time getting going in the standard. My shifts are a little jerky, but you know, I really don't care about that at the moment. My test is on the 28th, and if my shifting is a bit jerky, that's the least of my problems. Stalling out 50% of the time when you start however, this is an issue.

Other than that though, I've got good confidence. I'm increasingly comfortable behind the wheel. It's getting started from a full stop that gets me though. I'm too tenative and hesitant with the clutch and gas, and so the only way I get going without stalling is to overgas and be really aggressive. Which is great when some asswipe gets bumper to bumper with you on a hill at a stop light, but not so hot for regular traffic.

That's okay, I know Jen's buying her new car in the near future, which means I'll be picking up her old one in the near future as well. I'm thinking about getting someone with an automatic to let me use it for a test, like my parents, or someone.

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