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Myths can be good...

... except when applied for the furthering of an agenda that is in no one's best interest.
Jessica Lynch is a myth. We all wondered at the "daring" rescue, and more and more bullshit leaks from the seams.

Jessica? Bullshit. WMD? Bullshit. Oil? Bullshit. (Yes people, this war isn't about oil, you have to be a shortsighted fool to think that, it's bigger than oil, it's about Imperialism). Stopping an evil dictator? Bullshit (look at some of our allies). Freeing the Iraqi's? Bullshit (that's why we shoot looters on sight now).

The fact is, it was and is Imperialism. Nothing more or less than that. If you really want to know why this war was fought, look at this group and some of the senders on that letter. One in particular.

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