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The quality of a New Horizons education- a sample. This is an excerpt from the instructor's manual for Visual Basic 6.0 Database Programming. It appears as a note in the margin (because the manuals have little guides, tips, and warnings in the margins).

There is a completed Community Orchestra project in the Lesson 6 Solution folder. If there are students who are unable or unwilling to type the code examples, they can easily cut and paste code from the solution.

Emphasis added bitch.

What the fuck? Unwilling or unable to type code? Then what the fuck are they doing in a programming class? When you program, you type. That's all there is to it. It is not practical to provide the students with a voice interface, barring examples of disability. I mean, if you've got no hands, that's one thing. Hook up a mike, let them go at it, or give them some other alternate input.

But if your fingertips hurt and you're tired, you can chow on it slumbitch.


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