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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits


How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).


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run the fuck away
Read about halfway, and imagine the gasp I made at mention of a "radius" and "torque".


Okay, so lets analyze the day, shall we? This morning, I met with Annette, a delightful student. She's sharp, full of questions, and refuses to bend over and take it from New Horizons, and does things- like demand one on one sessions with instructors (read: me). She's in the Java track, and knows programming- but from the COBOL era. A pleasure to have in class, she might not be a genius and the sharpest knife in the drawer, but she is still sharp, and learns well.

Then, at lunch, I'm meeting some guy from KAPL (Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory) to tell him what material our JBuilder class covers.

Then, I leave as quickly as I can, and try and get to Colonie Center as rapidly as possible, in order to meet Cate, so I can accompany her to health services, and get this respiratory bug looked at.

The weekend.

I meant to be productive last night, but I was dead tired, Cate was sick, so it was an episode of "Red Dwarf", a few episodes of "Gargoyles", and some reading. I've almost finished the second book in the Harry Potter series. These are definitely books I would have liked growing up; 'course, I would have thought Harry was a stupid jock, and been madly in love with Hermione (at that age, I was just like her). Actually, the only characters that I find personable are Hagrid, Dumbldore and Snape. Harry is a stupid jock, Ron is a toady, Hermione needs valium.
  • Aron Ralston

    Could you do that? I couldn't I'd lie there in that canyon and die ... or find other ways ... He was only in there 4 days!!! He gave up hope too soon
    • Seriously. I mean, the article said his food and water was running low. You can go a day or two without.

      I think I'd get desperate enough. But I like to think there's better ways out.
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